Samaritans poster amendment

The feedback I have had on this poster quite rightly points out that the message seems to be giving a choice between the pills or a phone call. In the Samaritans media guidelines they do suggest not portraying any methods of suicide. I overlooked this in my first poster so here is an amended version.


More landscapes

Here is another rural and urban landscape. Liverpool docks has been taken on Kodak Tri X film which is what gives it the grainy look and the Lone Tree has been taken on Velvia:-

Liverpool Docks

Lone Tree

Industrial Espionage!!

Nearly got myself arrested yestrerday, climbing through holes in fences and sneaking around the industry in Cheshire with my camera.

Here are a couple of the shots I got.


Woo Hoo!!! Productive day! It has taken me weeks and weeks of kicking around ideas for my uni narrative project, I have deliberated, agonised, travelled in that many circles I am feeling positively dizzy. However today I completed not one but two posters including the photography work (unbelievable!). This traumatic experience has made me realise that narrative work is 95% ideas generation : 5% action!

So here they are………….


Green screen-a retrospective view!

As a virgin to greenscreen here ar a few tips to myself on how NOT to approach a greenscreen project (having already tried it and failed miserably!!):-

  • Don’t be too ambitious, it’s ok to start with the basics.
  • Don’t take it all so seriously, try and enjoy the process.
  • But if you can’t, just remember that everyone has their nemesis so just grin and bear it!
  • Don’t assume your fully auto handycam will cope with every eventuality (there is a reason why it was cheap!!)
  • and finally KEEP SMILING!! no one died. 


I think it’s about time I wrote down some thoughts about Paris. After all I have been back for 3 weeks. Still better late than never. There was so much to see between Paris Photo and the Fringe exhibitions it was mesmerising. Virtually around every corner was a show. Some were in the tiniest of spaces, others were in the open air displayed on a set of railings for instance and others of course were in very grand buildings. It was a real photographic feast. The highlight of the weekend for me was the Andres Kertesz exhibition which I found totally inspiring. The tiny little prints barely bigger than an image on a contact sheet were just exquisite. The gallery provided magnifiers for the observers to use, however it was so busy that there were none left.

I love his eye for composition and use of light and shadow.

His sense of comic timing very much reminds me of Richard Kalvars work, I suspect Kalvar was a fan of Kertesz as well.

Here are a couple of Kalvars images


Here are some panning shots I have had a go at.

Look out!!!!!