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Constructing a narrative

Here is a very good talk/blog that I have come across during my research on the subject, done by David Campbell on narrative in photography.


Anne Frank and Family

I have been to Liverpool today to see Otto Franks family photos. He was clearly very fond of his girls Anne and Margo as most of the photographs were of them. This is a rare look at ordinary family life in the 1930’3/40’s as Otto was fortunate to own a camera which was unusual for families such as them at that time. A mother and big sister holding a newborn Anne, the sisters as they are growing, the frank family happily playing on the beach are all images that leave you with a haunting feeling due to the knowledge of the devastation and tragedy that was soon to be bestowed upon them. They took all their photos into the secret annexe with them some of which Anne cut up and put in her diary with commentaries. She obviously found a lot of comfort from looking at them.

Small Worlds

Wow I love this site. Keith Loutit’s has produced timelapse footage of real time places and events in Australia but he has made it look like a minature world using a shift in focus and perspective.

Click on the following image to go to his web site:


I think it’s about time I wrote down some thoughts about Paris. After all I have been back for 3 weeks. Still better late than never. There was so much to see between Paris Photo and the Fringe exhibitions it was mesmerising. Virtually around every corner was a show. Some were in the tiniest of spaces, others were in the open air displayed on a set of railings for instance and others of course were in very grand buildings. It was a real photographic feast. The highlight of the weekend for me was the Andres Kertesz exhibition which I found totally inspiring. The tiny little prints barely bigger than an image on a contact sheet were just exquisite. The gallery provided magnifiers for the observers to use, however it was so busy that there were none left.

I love his eye for composition and use of light and shadow.

His sense of comic timing very much reminds me of Richard Kalvars work, I suspect Kalvar was a fan of Kertesz as well.

Here are a couple of Kalvars images


by Joel Sampson

Am really loving the way this mostly monotone image is punctuated by the bright colours of the Shell Garage.

Mouse’s View

by Katherine Moxhet

For my course at Uni, I have to do some landscape shots, the thought of which fills me with sheer dread. They really are not my bag at all. However they are a requirement and so I have been doing a bit of research on the subject in order to find some inspiration. I quite fancy having a go at some night or dusk shots, partly because this is the time of day that I am free from work and family commitments but also because it is such a different world at night. To me the landscape transforms into something I want to photograph at night.

I found the above image at

I find it a refreshing change from the usual images that one associates with landscapes. I guess some might even argue that this is more an abstract than a landscape. I love the camera angle and the way she uses the light and shadow to lead you into the image.