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Visit to one of my favourite cities

Fab day out, really enjoyed myself




Samaritans poster amendment

The feedback I have had on this poster quite rightly points out that the message seems to be giving a choice between the pills or a phone call. In the Samaritans media guidelines they do suggest not portraying any methods of suicide. I overlooked this in my first poster so here is an amended version.

More landscapes

Here is another rural and urban landscape. Liverpool docks has been taken on Kodak Tri X film which is what gives it the grainy look and the Lone Tree has been taken on Velvia:-

Liverpool Docks

Lone Tree

Industrial Espionage!!

Nearly got myself arrested yestrerday, climbing through holes in fences and sneaking around the industry in Cheshire with my camera.

Here are a couple of the shots I got.


Woo Hoo!!! Productive day! It has taken me weeks and weeks of kicking around ideas for my uni narrative project, I have deliberated, agonised, travelled in that many circles I am feeling positively dizzy. However today I completed not one but two posters including the photography work (unbelievable!). This traumatic experience has made me realise that narrative work is 95% ideas generation : 5% action!

So here they are………….



Here are some panning shots I have had a go at.

Look out!!!!!


Here are some of the landscapes I have been busy doing recently for one of my Uni modules. As I think I may have already said, landscapes are really not my thing and I am really finding it very hard to get the results I want.

Rural shot

This image is taken on velvia 120 roll film iso 100 and then scanned. I have cropped the top of the image.

Conwy River at Dawn

This was also done on velvia film, scanned and cropped at the bottom.

Urban shot in Liverpool

Done on 35mm HP5+ film.


Albert Dock