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Constructing a narrative

Here is a very good talk/blog that I have come across during my research on the subject, done by David Campbell on narrative in photography.


Visit to one of my favourite cities

Fab day out, really enjoyed myself



Anne Frank and Family

I have been to Liverpool today to see Otto Franks family photos. He was clearly very fond of his girls Anne and Margo as most of the photographs were of them. This is a rare look at ordinary family life in the 1930’3/40’s as Otto was fortunate to own a camera which was unusual for families such as them at that time. A mother and big sister holding a newborn Anne, the sisters as they are growing, the frank family happily playing on the beach are all images that leave you with a haunting feeling due to the knowledge of the devastation and tragedy that was soon to be bestowed upon them. They took all their photos into the secret annexe with them some of which Anne cut up and put in her diary with commentaries. She obviously found a lot of comfort from looking at them.

Small Worlds

Wow I love this site. Keith Loutit’s has produced timelapse footage of real time places and events in Australia but he has made it look like a minature world using a shift in focus and perspective.

Click on the following image to go to his web site:

Samaritans poster amendment

The feedback I have had on this poster quite rightly points out that the message seems to be giving a choice between the pills or a phone call. In the Samaritans media guidelines they do suggest not portraying any methods of suicide. I overlooked this in my first poster so here is an amended version.

More landscapes

Here is another rural and urban landscape. Liverpool docks has been taken on Kodak Tri X film which is what gives it the grainy look and the Lone Tree has been taken on Velvia:-

Liverpool Docks

Lone Tree

Industrial Espionage!!

Nearly got myself arrested yestrerday, climbing through holes in fences and sneaking around the industry in Cheshire with my camera.

Here are a couple of the shots I got.