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Woo Hoo!!! Productive day! It has taken me weeks and weeks of kicking around ideas for my uni narrative project, I have deliberated, agonised, travelled in that many circles I am feeling positively dizzy. However today I completed not one but two posters including the photography work (unbelievable!). This traumatic experience has made me realise that narrative work is 95% ideas generation : 5% action!

So here they are………….



Green screen-a retrospective view!

As a virgin to greenscreen here ar a few tips to myself on how NOT to approach a greenscreen project (having already tried it and failed miserably!!):-

  • Don’t be too ambitious, it’s ok to start with the basics.
  • Don’t take it all so seriously, try and enjoy the process.
  • But if you can’t, just remember that everyone has their nemesis so just grin and bear it!
  • Don’t assume your fully auto handycam will cope with every eventuality (there is a reason why it was cheap!!)
  • and finally KEEP SMILING!! no one died. 


I think it’s about time I wrote down some thoughts about Paris. After all I have been back for 3 weeks. Still better late than never. There was so much to see between Paris Photo and the Fringe exhibitions it was mesmerising. Virtually around every corner was a show. Some were in the tiniest of spaces, others were in the open air displayed on a set of railings for instance and others of course were in very grand buildings. It was a real photographic feast. The highlight of the weekend for me was the Andres Kertesz exhibition which I found totally inspiring. The tiny little prints barely bigger than an image on a contact sheet were just exquisite. The gallery provided magnifiers for the observers to use, however it was so busy that there were none left.

I love his eye for composition and use of light and shadow.

His sense of comic timing very much reminds me of Richard Kalvars work, I suspect Kalvar was a fan of Kertesz as well.

Here are a couple of Kalvars images


Here are some panning shots I have had a go at.

Look out!!!!!


Here are some of the landscapes I have been busy doing recently for one of my Uni modules. As I think I may have already said, landscapes are really not my thing and I am really finding it very hard to get the results I want.

Rural shot

This image is taken on velvia 120 roll film iso 100 and then scanned. I have cropped the top of the image.

Conwy River at Dawn

This was also done on velvia film, scanned and cropped at the bottom.

Urban shot in Liverpool

Done on 35mm HP5+ film.


Albert Dock