Monthly Archives: October 2010

Golden Silence!

I know that living in a house with 4 boys is going to be noisy. But you would think that I would be able to find one small corner where there is no noise pollution in order that I might isolate the sounds I need to record!!!!!!


Is it or isn’t it?

Double click on the image to view bigger.

Is it or isn’t it a landscape? I know I am pushing the boundaries here. Am not particularly happy with this shot, the lights are a bit too distracting.

Even more at the Heart of it!

Following some useful tips (thanks Stew!), I have tweaked as suggested.

Well, Bring it on!!!!!!

Uni today (why does my stomach feel like a washing machine?!!) Am armed with new satchel and pencil case! Confidence girl, confidence!!!!!

At the Heart of it!

One of the first images I am fairly happy with from my middle of the night jaunts!