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This just about sums up the way I am feeling right now! Totally uninspired. Hopefully starting Uni next week will fire me up.


Rule #1: No Overthinking

Having braved the cold and wind tonight I have attempted some night photography. Though actually I spent most of the time driving around trying to get inspiration. I seem to have this irritating knack of seeing a great image and then over thinking it so much that I convince myself it’s not that good after all. Incidentally (just in case you were wondering) I am using good old 120 film so only have 10 exposures and am paranoid about wasting them with shots that I have convinced myself are not up to much. Ho hum. Maybe tomorrow night will be better.


by Joel Sampson

Am really loving the way this mostly monotone image is punctuated by the bright colours of the Shell Garage.

Mouse’s View

by Katherine Moxhet

For my course at Uni, I have to do some landscape shots, the thought of which fills me with sheer dread. They really are not my bag at all. However they are a requirement and so I have been doing a bit of research on the subject in order to find some inspiration. I quite fancy having a go at some night or dusk shots, partly because this is the time of day that I am free from work and family commitments but also because it is such a different world at night. To me the landscape transforms into something I want to photograph at night.

I found the above image at

I find it a refreshing change from the usual images that one associates with landscapes. I guess some might even argue that this is more an abstract than a landscape. I love the camera angle and the way she uses the light and shadow to lead you into the image.

Blog, blog, blogging along!

Unaccustomed as I am to blogging, I will give it a go. The concept of journal writing has been one that I have always aspired to but never embarked on. I have been ‘thinking’ about doing this for too long, it is time to put thoughts onto paper or rather onto screen, into the ether, in the cloud. Whoever reads this, or not as the case may be, I apologise profusely in advance for the contents of my mind at times. They will range from the sublime (I hope!) to the ridiculous and totally, mind numbingly boring. Oh I forgot to say (probably pretty important really!!) the precipitate for this venture is my imminent journey into the world of Glyndwr University to do a degree in Creative media (aka: photography, moving images and sound). One of the suggestions of this course is that you show evidence of a dialogue with yourself regarding your work. I talk to myself all the time anyway so it shouldn’t be too difficult.